HTC was established in the beginning of 2019 to become a strong platform of hydraulic piston pump motor business. HTC’s purpose is to support the customers working for hydraulic part assembly business in the hydraulic mobile construction equipment industry. We organized a specialized production chain in order to meet various need of customers in CUSTOMIZING(OEM) market and AFTERMARKET. It means HTC have a integrated supply system of hydraulic piston pump motor and can provide hydraulic products with quality at reasonable price.

R&D for customizing is fufilled accurately with customer’s demand and development process is regularly shared with customer. Sometimes, our opinion or alternative is presented from our accumulating experience and record of the development projects transferred successfully to customer. So, development process for customizing is performed without fail under mutual progressive communication and HTC is going towards accumulation and innovation of technology on the base of these performances.

By promoting customer satisfaction that is our top principle, we want to enlarge our values implied in company name, HTC. H means Hydraulic and Honesty. T means Technology and Trust. C does Company and Contribution. That is, our ultimate direction is to contribute continuously to society development, concentrating on customer’s benefit with technology innovation.

Specialized production chain, integrated supply system and passion for R&D will enrich customer satisfaction and our values more and more.


mct equipment for cylinder block machining
mct equipment for hydraulic part machining


three dimension coordinate measuring machine
hydraulic main pump test stand
hydraulic motor test stand
hydraulic motor test stand
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